Sunday, September 23, 2018

Knickstape Podcast Episode 9 - The boys are back in town! Jimmy to NY? Knicks bright future

Listen to "Knickstape Episode 9 - We're Back! Knicks future; Jimmy Butler to NY?; NFL Picks" on Spreaker.

The summers over, Knicks training camp is upon us, the NBA is officially back and so is the Knickstape Podcast! Mike and Luke talk Jimmy Butler rumors, the Knicks promising future, the over / under for the 2018-2019 season, give their NFL picks and of course, we end with the Knicks Shitty Player of the Week.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Knickstape Show Episode 7 - Meek is free. Lebron is almost free.

Listen to "Knickstape Show Episode - Meek is free. Lebron is almost free." on Spreaker.Knickstape Show powered by @SportsStockApp Episode 7: Luke and Mike discuss the playoff picture - Cavs looked screwed; Meek Mil's out of jail and Philly is going to win the East. Francesa's back on radio in New York- asshole move, but you got to love it. Knicks head coaching search will never end. Our SportsStock advice and picks and, of course, Knicks Shitty Throwback Player of the week.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Knickstape Podcast Episode 6 - Another Terrible Lost Knicks Season, Live reactions to a Mets collapse (lots of screaming and cursing)

Listen to "Knickstape Podcast Episode 6 - Knicks Season in Mourning, Live Reaction to Mets Collapse" on Spreaker.

Mike & Luke are back with another edition of the Knickstape Podcast. We mourn the end to another terrible Knicks season, preview the NBA Playoffs, James Harden doesn't like eating in front of people...and he goes on blind dates. We also talk some baseball and Luke reacts live to a terrible Mets loss to the Nationals

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Knickstape Podcast Episode 5 - Back from Hiatus Catching Up on Life

Listen to "Knickstape Podcast Episode 5 - Back from Hiatus" on Spreaker. Back from a slight hiatus Mike & Luke talk: - Knicks tank fail - Steph Curry's 30th Birthday / Steve Kerr breaking it down with a broken back - Shaq's big, gross, painted foot - Shaq vs. Yao, who's bigger? - Best Knicks Play in History (voted by you) - Knicks Shitty Throwback Player of the Week

Saturday, February 24, 2018

The Knickstape Podcast Episode 4 - NBA is finally back after a way too long break

Listen to "Knickstape Podcast Episode 4 - Post All-Star Break" on Spreaker.

We Talk:

- Fergie vs. Blac Chyna. Whose performance was better?

- Fixing the Dunk Contest

- Will the Uncle Drew Movie be better than Space Jam?

- Twitter Question of the Week: Best Knicks Announcer (Walt Clyde Won - debate ensues)

- Life Question: Accidental Venmo. Are you obligated to return money on apps?

- Knicks Throwback Shitty Player of the Week

Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Knickstape Podcast Episode 3 - It's Finally the All-Star Break & Why is Obama in a Bush?

Listen to "Knickstape Podcast Ep 3 - All-Star Break Fun & Why is Obama in a bush?" on Spreaker.

We wrap up the first half of this disastrous Knicks season, discuss the @Knickstape Twitter Question: What Knick would you have dinner with and make our All-Star Game picks. We also scout the Celebrity All-Star teams, debate the dunk contest and talk some Winter Olympics. Then we switch to some pop culture talk: Esteban Loaiza's truck load of cocaine and Why is President Obama in a Bush? And we end with the Knicks shitty player of the week!

Saturday, February 10, 2018

The Knickstape Podcast Episode 2 - The Aftermath (KP Injured / Trade Deadline Insanity)

Listen to "Knickstape Episode 2 - The Aftermath (KP Out / Trade Deadline)" on Spreaker.

- KP out, where do the Knicks go from here?

- Trade Deadline Insanity - Mudiay to Knicks, Cavs trade everyone not named Lebron or JR

- Luke recalls witnessing Kemba Walker ask for a bottle of Grey Goose at the divey-est bar in America

- Where in the world is Eddy Curry?